A space that re-signifies “listening” as a political act.
A constant flux of sound that begins with you.
Send us a sound and we will broadcast it.

Who can submit sounds?

Anyone can submit sounds, we are here to provide access. If you know how to record sounds, even from your cellphone, you can submit.

What kind of sounds can I submit?

Any sound that is related to the theme of the broadcast.

What is the required length of audio submissions?

There is no limit yet, but we reserve the right to decide the length of the broadcast and its pieces, therefore we may edit pieces so that they fit within the necessary time limitations of each broadcast.

What is the format I can use to submit?

Due to the broadcasting process, submissions are preferred in mp3 format and at 256kps. We can help you convert files if necessary, just contact us at info@escuchatorio.net

Which sounds will be broadcasted?

All submissions will be broadcasted, if they fill the requirements and are related to the theme and lenght of broadcast.

Escuchatorio respects the right to freedom of speech, sounds broadcasted do not reflect the ideas or values of Escuchatorio.

What will the programming of the broadcast be like?

The progamming for each broadcast will be defined based on the submissions that are received and will be announced on our website.

I want to be a part of this project!

New and diverse ideas are always welcomed, do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@escuchatorio.net

I’d like to share this project, transmit the broadcast via my website, blog, radio station, how do I make that happen?

Contact us at info@escuchatorio.netor just complete the interest form.

Can I have multiple submissions?

Yes, there is no limit to the amount of submissions made. To submit a sound complete the submission form for each one.