A space that re-signifies “listening” as a political act.
A constant flux of sound that begins with you.
Send us a sound and we will broadcast it.

“Walk so silently that the bottoms of your feet become ears”
Pauline Oliveros.

This is a call to walkers, to your feet and to your ears.

To walk as an act of resistance.
To walk to lose yourself, to find yourself.
To walk is to move away from something.
To walk also as an encounter with uncertainty.
To walk to the future and back.
To walk more slowly, to take your time, to slow your step until you have stopped.

Record the sound of your steps.
Record an imaginary path, the everyday, the strange.
Record the soundscape of your walk.
Your recording is a journey.

Mail your sound before April 30th. All sounds received will be distributed through radios and participating spaces.

Transmission: May 1, 2016.

Escuchatorio #Walk will be broadcast sunrise to sunset, 7:09 to 19:59 (12 hours and 50 minutes), from Mexico City.

Thanks to our collaborators

wmwmwm.net (DF, MX)
phauneradio.com (FR)
grafofonia.blogspot (DF, MX)
resistenciamodulada.com (DF, MX)
laescuchaatenta.com (ES)
lecassetete.org (Marseille, FR)
lumpenradio.com (Chicago, USA)
lacasadelcine.mx (DF, MX)
ibero909.fm (DF, MX)
Vocalo (Chicago, USA)
p-node (FR)
Radio Huayacocotla (Veracruz, MX)
Kchung (Los Ángeles, USA)
Radio Ambulante (San Francisco, USA)
FLUXO (São Paulo, BR)
Andromeda-tv (JP)
TEAFM.net (Zaragoza, ES)
Pájaros en el alambre (Oaxaca, MX)
Carbonproyecto (ARG)
Intonarumori  (Murcia, ES)
WebSYNradio  (FR)
Le Bruitagène  (FR)
Oaxaca 3.0 (Oaxaca, MX)
Canal Sud (Toulouse, FR)
Radio Libre (CO)
Radio Campus Bruxelles (BE)
Radio Galère (FR)
Fréquence Paris Plurielle 106.3 FM (Paris, FR)
Teslaradio (Málaga, ES)
Radio ARA (LUX)
Self noise project (ES)
Radio Paax (MX)
Radio Grenouille (FR, Marseille)
Radio UNAM (DF, MX)
El RUIDO es el Mensaje (AR)
Radio Tlayuda (MX)
Sonic Protest (Paris, FR)
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