A space that re-signifies “listening” as a political act.
A constant flux of sound that begins with you.
Send us a sound and we will broadcast it.

I am here in silence
Because I feel there is nothing to say
Or maybe because I don’t feel my voice permeating

Or maybe I’m here in silence because I lie in wait
Because my silence is also an outcry
And one day it’ll burst

Or maybe I’m here as I hear nothing
Because these could be the silence
That precedes the storm

Silence as an action, silence as a composition, silence as a protest, silence as a quest.

Escuchatorio #Silence is an open call to record or produce sounds and audios around your own concept of silence: an interview, a music production, an audio-piece or just your voice narrating your perception of silence.

Send your audio files to info@escuchatorio.net. or through whatssap at 5551086392. The deadline is September 15th, 2017.

All the audios will be broadcasted at escuchatorio.net and through our media partners outlets, on September 15th, 2017. The transmission will initiate at 23:00 GMT and it will end the following day, September 16th, at 18:10 GMT.

This broadcast is in commemoration of the Mexican Independence Day. Our beginning schedule is based on time of its start when bells sound to recall the Cry of Dolores; and our ending time symbolizes the year of the happening.

phauneradio.com (FR)
grafofonia.blogspot (CDMX, MX)
resistenciamodulada.com (CDMX, MX)
laescuchaatenta.com (ES)
lecassetete.org (Marseille, FR)
lumpenradio.com (Chicago, USA)
lacasadelcine.mx(CDMX, MX)
ibero909.fm (CDMX, MXv)
Vocalo (Chicago, USA)
p-node (FR)
Radio Huayacocotla (Veracruz, MX)
Kchung(Los Ángeles, USA)
Radio Ambulante (SF, USA)
FLUXO (São Paulo, BR)
Andromeda-tv (JP)
TEAFM.net (Zaragoza, ES)
Pájaros en el alambre (Oaxaca, MX)
Carbonproyecto (ARG)
Intonarumori  (Murcia, ES)
WebSYNradio  (FR)
Le Bruitagène  (FR)
Oaxaca 3.0 (Oaxaca, MX)
Canal Sud (Toulouse, FR)
Radio Libre (CO)
Radio Campus Bruxelles (BE)
Radio Galère (FR)
Fréquence Paris Plurielle 106.3 FM (Paris, FR)
Teslaradio (Málaga, ES)
Radio ARA (LUX)
Self noise project (ES)
Radio Paax (MX)
Radio Grenouille (FR, Marseille)
Radio UNAM (DF, MX)
El RUIDO es el Mensaje (AR)
Radio Tlayuda (MX)
Sonic Protest (Paris, FR)
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